We’re a digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, Fla.  We have a great time doing what we love – helping our clients make waves.


dRock Creative was founded in 2010, with the goal of helping small businesses compete in a crowded market.

Everyone loves their product or service. It’s a fact. We want your potential customers to love what you’re doing just as much as you do.

It’s our belief that you can’t truly understand a company from the outside. At dRock Creative, we get in the trenches with you, learn everything about what you offer, and figure out a strategy that is tailored specifically for you.

We want to earn your loyalty and exceed your expectations.

Derek C. Williams
Derek C. WilliamsCreative Director
Derek is a graduate of the University of Central Florida’s where he majored in Advertising and Public Relations. Now he spends his time taking businesses to the next level by taking a complex idea from a client and simplifying it down to something that sells.
Jenna Williams
Jenna WilliamsMarketing Director
Jenna has spent her entire professional career moving up in the marketing world. She grows businesses by fostering relationships with her clients and potentential clients.
Amy Ustjanowski
Amy UstjanowskiBusiness Development
Amy will be essential to your design project with dRock Creative. She will be your key contact to work with to make sure everything you need is completed.